Our main suppliers are:

SGL Technologies Gmbh

Manufacturer of carbon-based products for the composite industry:

– carbon woven fabrics and tapes
– carbon unidirectional and multiaxial fabrics
– hybrid woven fabrics: carbon/fiberglass, carbon/aramid
– pre-impregnated woven fabrics – prepregs
– chopped ​​and milled carbon fibers


Jesmonite LTD
Manufacturer of modified gypsum and cement composite materials: reactive mineral base + water-based acrylic resins, solvent-free – for the production of fiber reinforced lightweight, non-toxic, highly resistant and non-combustible architectural laminates and castings.


Zhermack SpA
Manufacturer of formulated silicone RTV2 systems: high quality industrial silicone elastomers with polymerization by polyaddition or polycondensation which show low viscosity, high mechanical properties, high accuracy and dimensional stability.


SCIGRIP Adhesives Ltd

Manufacturer of structural adhesives for metal, plastics and composite materials:

-structural MMA adhesives in 1/1 or 10/1 mixing ratio

-engineering adhesives


Resoltech SAS

Manufacturer of formulated epoxy and polyurethane systems:

– high-tech epoxy resins
– water-based epoxy coatings
– fire-resistant epoxy products
– bio-based epoxy products
– high-tech coatings for the food industry


Kisling AG

Manufacturer of formulated epoxy and polyurethane systems, structural adhesives:

– structural epoxy adhesives
– structural MA adhesives
– epoxy and polyurethane encapsulants


Diab AB

Manufacturer of sandwich core materials, based on:



RAMPF Tooling Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

Manufacturer of formulated epoxy and polyurethane systems, machinable slabs, tooling materials for composite industry:

– epoxy gelcoats and epoxy tooling resins
– polyurethane casting resins and elastomers
– epoxy and polyurethane machinable slabs


Diatex SAS

Manufacturer of consumables and processing materials for the composite industry:

Comprehensive and extensive product range.


Synthene SAS
SYNTHENE provides specific formulation and high quality industrial solutions based on polyurethane and polyurea systems.


Marbocote Ltd
Manufacturer of high-tech semi-permanent and also water based release agents and sealing agents for the composite industry.


UNIQUE Textiles sro

Manufacturer of fiberglass textiles for the composite industry:

– fiberglass woven fabrics
– fiberglass woven tapes


Manufacturer of polishing pastes specifically designed for the composite industry.


3D|Core GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturer of PET foam sandwich materials for the composite industry.


Portec AG
Portec is a specialist in the development and production of porous materials.


Emil Frei GmbH & Co. KG
System coatings based on epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea.


Specific combinations of our products find use in:

Rapid Prototyping

Fast and economical ways of making plastic-like parts using methods like gravity and vacuum casting into silicone moulds. Thermoforming applications using porous machinable slabs for unmatched visual quality. Making of rubber-like wear resistant flexible parts using cold-curing elastomers.

Design and mould-making

Materials used by designers, artists and sculptors creating art, decorations, theme setups or movies.

Architectural GRC castings

Lightweight, durable and non-combustible fiber-reinforced polymer concrete laminates and castings.

Protection of electronic components

A complex range of resin compounds designed for encapsulation of electronic components.

Polymer Composites

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics for ultralight aircrafts and weight reduction in general. A comprehensive range of materials providing you with complete solutions for the production of high-tech composites.

Protective coating

Coatings based on hybrid polyurethane systems, epoxies and polyurea for composite applications.

Structural bonding

Structural adhesives for composite assembly applications in marine, automotive and aviation industry.

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