Founded in 1984, Jesmonite continues to provide innovative approaches and responsible solutions to a rapidly evolving industry. Jesmonite has become an ideal material for designers and artists looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional building materials or resin-based products. 

The original compound is an acrylic-modified gypsum composite that is a safe alternative to fiberglass and a lightweight replacement for poured concrete. Since then, a wide range of products has been developed, with our specialist engineers and laboratory technicians constantly striving to innovate in terms of durability, flexibility and stability over time, improving methods and combining experience with new technologies.

Gypsum composites with water-based acrylic resins

These systems are suitable for a wide range of casting and lamination applications where the end user wants to reduce the many risks associated with conventional solvent based systems, they have been developed as a harmless and non-flammable alternative to the classic “polyester fiberglass” and are mainly used in the production of impact-resistant fiber-reinforced decorative panels. The materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but if used for outdoor applications, sealing or the use of a suitable paint system is recommended to protect the surface. The best solvent-free materials suitable for all decorative and artistic applications.

Cementitious composites with water-based acrylic resins

This range of composites represents the ultimate evolution in ready-to-use formulated cementitious compounds and offers solutions for both castings and fiber-reinforced products. The materials are quick-setting, cementitious composites with water-based acrylic resins designed for the manufacture of fibre-reinforced non-combustible panels (GRC), with a stone appearance, for exteriors.   Extremely high resistance to any conditions of external atmospheric influence. In addition to 12 factory types of imitation stone, we also offer a color-on-demand service   in a wide range of selected colors to help manufacturers, architects and designers choose the most suitable colors and finishes depending on their specific projects.

Metal gel coatings with water-based acrylic resins

Jesmonite metal gelcoats are the latest development in the Jesmonite range of materials. They are formulated using real metal powder for maximum metal replication in molded products. The materials are intended for the production of fibre-reinforced non-combustible panels (GRC), with a metallic aspect, for exterior use. Extremely high resistance to any conditions of external atmospheric influence. Four types are available: “Bronze”, “Copper”, “Brass” and “Silver Bronze”.

Auxiliary materials, reinforcements and sealing agents

Also available is a full range of auxiliary materials such as: controlling agents, pigments, fillers, chopped fibers and reinforcing fabrics, sealing agents, etc. We also offer materials for making silicone molds as well as the necessary technical advice for the correct use of the materials.

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