Jesmonite AC200 water-based modified gypsum composite material, which is perfectly suitable for making models and prototypes before casting the silicone molds. The hardened material can be easily machined with a variety of tools, including CNC machines, milling cutters and chisels.

It is recommended that Jesmonite AC200 Liquid be used within twelve months and Jesmonite Base be used within nine months from the date stated on the packaging.

  • Provides a customizable, moldable threading base that is safe and easy to use for all modeling and prototyping applications.
  • Excellent edge retention and dimensional stability of products.
  • It does not cause degradation of polystyrene (EPS) substrates, thus unlocking the full potential of EPS as a lightweight and economical medium for large-scale sculptures and models.
  • Excellent adhesive for polystyrene, polyurethane milling blocks and styrofoam boards.


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Product benefits
  • Water-based, solvent- and VOC-free
  • Excellent carving of the detail
  • Easy to machine and sandblast
  • Ideal for covering polystyrene and milling blocks

The kits available range from 3kg to 3,000kg.
See the technical documents for the full range of support materials that are compatible with the AC200.

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