AC730 Flex Metal


Jesmonite metal gelcoats are the latest development in the Jesmonite range of materials. They are formulated using real metal powder for maximum metal replication in molded products. The four types of coatings offered are fully compatible with AC730 and AC830, which are used as fillers in the lamination or casting process.

It is recommended that Jesmonite Metal Gel Coats be used within six months of the date indicated on the packaging.

  • We used our unique Flex Resin technology to create the first and only water based metal gel coating system.
  • Metal gel coatings can be moved and colored, thus further expanding the palette of surface coatings.
  • The surface of the Metal Gel Coats can be polished with fine wire wool or a polishing machine to remove metal dust.
  • Metal surfaces can be waxed, sealed or patinated like real metal.


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Product benefits
  • Real metal finishes
  • Free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • It looks and feels like metal to the touch
  • Easy to use
Product benefits

The kits available range from 650g to 13kg. The following 4 types are available: Bronze, Copper, Silver Bronze and Brass.

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