Jesmonite AC730 is a modified cement based acrylic polymer with fast setting. It is designed primarily as a laminating compound for use with suitable glass fiber reinforcements, but can also be used to create small decorative castings.

It is recommended that Jesmonite AC730 Liquid be used within twelve months and Jesmonite AC730 Powder should be used within six months of the date stated on the packaging.

  • Shrink-compensating, low-permeability material.
  • Resistant under all conditions of external atmospheric influence, including contact with water.
  • With reduced free lime content resulting in a significant reduction in efflorescence compared to ordinary Portland cement systems.
  • Contains fine decorative aggregate and powdered pigments precisely controlled to achieve a consistently decorative surface appearance after treatment with a special brick cleaner or acid etching.


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Product benefits
  • High quality castings and reinforced molded products 
  • Free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Fire resistant
  • Medicine
  • Impact resistant

The kits available range from 6kg to 1,200kg.
On request, Jesmonite AC730 can be stained in a wide range of selected colors in addition to our 11 standard stone finishes Natural Stone, Bath Stone, Yellow Sandstone, White Marble, Portland Stone, Silver Gray Granite, Old Terracotta and Charcoal Black, Cotswold Honey Stone , Brick Red and Marigold.

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