Jesmonite AC930 is a modified cement based acrylic polymer with fast setting. The material is offered as an economical alternative to AC730 and is light gray in colour. The system is specifically designed for glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) applications. The material complies with BS/EN 1170 when used with alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforcement .

  • Shrink-compensating, low-permeability material.
  • Resistant under any conditions of external atmospheric influence.
  • With reduced free lime content, with low alkalinity, resulting in a significant reduction in efflorescence and higher retention of the strength of the glass reinforcement.
  • Meets and exceeds the highest specification of BS/EN1170 tests on glass fiber reinforced concrete.


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Product benefits
  • Low shrinkage, excellent dimensional stability
  • High strength compared to standard GRC
  • Very low permeability, less than 2%
  • Impact resistant
  • Fire resistant

Standard color is light gray. Depending on the requirements of a particular project, UV resistant oxide pigments could be added. This is a bulk product. Please contact us for more information.

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