Auxiliary materials


Jesmonite pigments are aqueous dispersions that are compatible with Jesmonite composites. When used with Jesmonite materials they offer excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance. You can contact us for more information. Pigments are available in 200g and 1,000g packs.

Jesmonite pigments are as follows: Black , White , Blue , Bright Red , Bright Yellow , Coade , Green , Red Oxide , Yellow Oxide , Terracota .

The acceptable shelf life of Jesmonite Pigments is 24 months from the date indicated on the packaging.


Metal fillers are available as decorative fillers to add to the AC100. They are added to the base mix in a variable ratio (see user manual) in order to optimize the level of filler added. After the parts are removed from the mold and hardened, their surface can be polished with fine wire wool to achieve a metallic finish. The final finish could then be patinated using cold patina solutions to create the classic Verdi-Gris effect.


The setting time of all Jesmonite materials can be extended by adding Retarder to increase the open time. A Retarder is available for AC100, AC200 and AC300, and a separate Retarder for AC730, AC830 and AC930 cementitious materials. Please note that the end user should perform tests in their work area as extreme temperatures and humidity may alter the curing time. The corresponding amount to add can be found in the instructions for use of the materials. 


Jesmonite thixotroping agent is added to Jesmonite AC100, AC200 and AC300 to adjust the viscosity of the mixture to user preference. This is especially useful when applying Gel-Coat to the mold. By adding a Thixotroping Agent it is possible to apply a controlled layer of material of 1mm – 3mm without it running off the surface of the mold. Also, this prevents the appearance of glass reinforcements on the surface of the laminated products. The thixotroping agent can also be used to convert the material into a paste which is suitable for filling and repairing cracks etc. This paste can also be used to glue two laminates together. 


Jesmonite mixing mixers are essential for the proper mixing of all Jesmonite composite materials. They are specially designed for mixing the two components Jesmonite Base and Jesmonite Liquid. The mixing process reduces air bubbles and ensures that the mixture is smooth, flowable and homogeneous. Two sizes are available, 65mm and 105mm, depending on the amount of mix. They are made of stainless steel and can be used with all types of conventional drills.

The smaller mixer can be used for a mixture amount of up to 5 kg.
The larger mixer can be used for a mix quantity of 5 kg to 30 kg.


It is a versatile wax release that offers excellent release from a variety of hard matrices including plaster, Jesmonite, fiberglass (GRP), metal, wood and glass. It can also be used on production equipment such as scales and casting tables to aid in cleaning.

Please note that some porous surfaces such as plaster and wood may need to be sealed prior to the application of a wax release and trials should also be carried out to ensure product suitability.


Plasticizer is added to AC830 to create a self-leveling consistency while achieving the optimum Base to Liquid ratio. It reduces the water/cement ratio in the system resulting in higher optimum strength and durability. Please refer to the AC830 user manual for more information on addition rates.


Etching acid is used to detect the fine decorative particles in Jesmonite AC730 materials. The acid removes the cement film from products made of AC730 to achieve a stone finish. When diluted with water, it can also be used as an AC730 stain remover. Please refer to the AC730 user manual for additional technical information.

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