This type of glass reinforcement is specially designed for use with Jesmonite materials. It is based on the latest multi-axial fiberglass cloth technology, which makes Jesmonite fibre-reinforced laminates light, strong and fire resistant. It is constructed like a lace, with continuous glass threads in four axes (multiaxial) sewn together using Nomex® flame retardant material.

It contains a very small amount of loose threads, which makes the reinforcement safe and convenient to use. It can be cut precisely using scissors or a roller knife, and it will cover even the most complex shapes. This makes it particularly suitable for molded products and panel constructions.

Please note that fiberglass mat (CSM) designed for use with solvent based resins such as polyester is not suitable for use with Jesmonite materials.

Technical Bulletin


Chopped Jesmonite fiberglass can be added to all Jesmonite composites. This gives greater strength to thin-walled castings, and also acts as a filler and aids in lamination. Jesmonite chopped fiberglass is available in three types: 6mm and 12mm as standard glass and 13mm alkali resistant glass which is specially designed for use with Jesmonite AC630. Chopped fiberglass is also used to impart impact resistance to a thin layer of Jesmonite applied to cut polystyrene objects.


PVA fibers are the new alternative to fiberglass reinforcements for cementitious systems. These are synthetic polyvinyl alcohol fibers with chemical and physical properties that make them particularly suitable for the Jesmonite range of polymer, modified cementitious composites. They have high strength combined with low elongation at break and high flexural modulus. They provide increased adhesion to the polymeric, cementitious binder. The addition of PVA fibers to Jesmonite systems is recommended as their high strength retention properties make them particularly suitable where frost resistance is required in harsh outdoor environments.

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