Sealing agents


It is a pure, broad-spectrum acrylic sealing agent formulated for use with all Jesmonite composite materials. It is particularly suitable for our acrylic composites AC100, AC200 and AC300 as it provides the surface with durability, flexibility and resistance. It can be diluted or pigments added to it to create various effects such as ‘aging’ the surface of Jesmonite ware. Depending on the prevailing atmospheric conditions, the products that are sealed with the Acrylic Sealing Agent have to be covered with a new layer every 6-10 years.

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The penetrating sealing agent is used specifically when the sealing effect must remain inconspicuous (that is, not as a coating), but at the same time good water resistance and dirt resistance are required. It is particularly suitable for our Flex Metal systems because it provides excellent protection while not affecting the metal surface. It is also compatible with all our AC730, AC830 and AC930 cementitious composites, offering high resistance to all weathering.

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Flexiguard sealing agent from Jesmonite is based on nanotechnology and has resistance to contamination. It is a sealing agent that creates a transparent, UV-resistant and extremely durable surface for all Jesmonite cementitious composites. Flexiguard is unique in that it creates a low energy surface that prevents the efflorescence and growth of mold and fungus. Once applied, this product greatly reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance and is effectively long lasting due to the chemical bond it forms with the Jesmonite base (wearable). It is applied very easily and almost anywhere – in the field or in a production environment.

Technical Bulletin

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