Porous machinable slabs

The unique micro-porous air permeable products under the trade names METAPOR® and ESPOR® have been adding value for over 30 years in industries such as Thermoforming, Vacuum-forming, Vacuum-clamping, Automotive, Semiconductor and many more.

    METAPOR® porous materials have a steady and homogenous air distribution ensuring high quality parts that meet your requirements.

    METAPOR® machinability is excellent and it can be machined with standard CNC machines. Unlike sintered materials, the pores of METAPOR® do not become clogged when machined.

    Due to the natural porosity of METAPOR®, hole drilling is no longer needed. Its micro permeability replaces moulding/demoulding vents required in conventional tools. Various types of METAPOR® are available to solve your challenges.