RTV2 Silicone

Zhermack supplies RTV2 poly addition silicone rubbers (with platinum catalyst) for a wide range of industrial applications: mold making, jewellery, rapid prototyping, vacuum infusion process, special effects & body casting, master mold and pad printing. The reproduction of any object, especially one with a complex shape, is a process that has to be thoroughly understood and also demands suitable materials if a satisfactory end result is to be guaranteed. Once an original model is available, the next step is to create a flexible silicone rubber mold that can be used to reproduce the object repeatedly. Time and precision are both of the essence at this stage. Zhermack’s silicone rubbers for mold making guarantee high accuracy in the reproduction of details, easy release from the mold and an extended working life, thanks to high dimensional stability and broad-spectrum chemical compatibility. In particular, our RTV2 poly addition silicone rubbers are highly elastic, have high mechanical properties, and high dimensional stability.


• Dimensional stability
• Ease of use
• High mechanical properties
• High ability to reproduce the details
• Not dangerous for the operator’s health
• Durability
• Outstanding resistance to gypsums, to common casting resins and coatings.